I was wondering the other morning whatever happened to #followfriday. Turns out it just became a bit old hat and quietly petered out. Then Vaughn suggested, half-joking, that it had been replaced by #hatefultuesday. Twitter being what it is (or at least occasionally becomes), it seemed pretty plausible that something generous and positive might be replaced by something bitter and angry.

So, while accepting the risk that I will come across as throat-punchingly new-age, I think we should try for a new hashtag.

Let’s introduce #thankfulthursday.

The clue’s in the hashtag. Please either share something that you’re thankful for or recommend people you have reason to thank. Thank a a mechanic who stayed late, a bartender who double-poured or a brother who didn’t tell Dad. Thank a teacher who listened, a bus driver who waited or a colleague who let you have the last biscuit on the plate. Thank Sam for hippos, Matt for consistently unexpected (and brilliant) links and Angela for a great blog.

It’s Thursday. Thank away.

[Updated] So, proving once and for all that you should always check at least three times before suggesting anything, it turns out #thankfulthursday is already a thing. A very good thing. And whoever started it, I thank you.