Oooh, look over there. It’s a cliché.

look-over-there-driving-the-saab-its-a-bally-cliche--abb6cI’m painfully aware that I’m something of a cliché. I’m such a cliché that I work in advertising/design and insist, against all common sense and financial prudence, on driving a Saab. I’m such a cliché that I want rather desperately to believe that my ear can identify the differences between The National’s Fake Empire in 128kbps or 320kbps MP3 format. I’m such a cliché that I recently explained to someone, in an appropriately condescending way, that the word ‘cliché’ has its origins in typesetting, describing a commonly-used phrase that was kept in a ready-made block to be used repeatedly. That’s meta-cliché.

And for my latest act of cliché I’m reviving my blog on New Year’s Day.

My blog has lain fallow for coming on three years. It was never a deliberate decision to stop, just a pause that became an interlude that became a break that became a hiatus that became ‘I used to have a blog’.

The reason for this was something I wrote about when I summarised some lessons from my first year’s blogging (to be found here, in the Best Of section, should you be so inclined).

When I started, I thought blogging was a choice of priority – that I could prioritise blogging or I could prioritise doing other things.  And while that’s obviously true, over time I started to realise that that wasn’t the real choice I was making. It was really a choice of conviction. Did I have enough conviction in what I was writing that I believed it justified someone’s time and effort in reading it? That conviction would come and go. And then it went.

I’m not entirely confident it’s back. But there’s only one way to find out.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2015 be nothing but agreeable.

Oooh, look over there. It’s a cliché.

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