The pin-striped screen of death

My computer has died. But not in any conventional way.

The blue-screen of death is perhaps the most popular form of computer death. The red screen of death will be familiar to those with gaming devices. The black screen of death never goes out of fashion. And the purple screen of death sounds like more fun than I imagine it actually is.

But my MacBook Pro has died and presented me with this – the pin-striped screen of death.

My theory is that this is simply Apple’s famed ‘intuitive design’ taken to its natural conclusion. I want to believe that while you traverse the web, your MacBook is taking note, quietly building a visual abstract of your online life. And that when the time comes for it to log off for the last time, you will be presented with an entirely non-judgemental summation of your browsing life.

Hence, having spent far too much time in the company of Most ExerentCrane Brothers and Patrick Johnson, I’m captured in the image of a 12 oz, pearl pin-striped flannel. How do you think you might be remembered?

The pin-striped screen of death

One thought on “The pin-striped screen of death

  1. How did u actually pick up the suggestions to write Just Blinds “The
    pin-striped screen of death | A day in the life of Harvey & Gilmot”?
    Thanks a lot ,Ruth

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