Where the Foursquare users at?

I really want to like Foursquare.  But if I’m honest I don’t.  It’s not really a problem with Foursquare.  It’s a problem with Foursquare enthusiasts.

I tried Foursquare for a couple of months, used it to find a place to have lunch, became the Mayor of somewhere inconsequential, and then just kind of lost interest.  I’m sure it’s a great idea, it just it didn’t deliver much to me at the time.

And then Foursquare enthusiasts started to get a little bit annoying.  At a distance they’re cluttering up my timeline with irrelevant check-ins. In person they’re telling me how they can’t believe that they’ve checked into Melba 43 times in the last three days and they’re still not the mayor, or that “the most amazing thing happened the other day and, like, I was in O’Connell St, and a friend checked-in, and she was, like, in High St, and we were, like, maybe fifty feet away from each other and if it weren’t for Foursquare…… we’d never have known”. I’m sure they’re nice folk, those Foursquare users, just a bit zealoty.

Which is why I got quite excited about this – wheretheladies.at.  It’s an app that let’s you find out where ‘the ladies’ are at, based on Foursquare check-ins at venues close to you (the App uses a complex, lady-gauging algorithm, that can determine the number of those check-ins that belong to ladies).  This is great, not because I’m interested in an app that lets me find places where I know lots of ladies will be, but because surely there’s an opportunity for variation on the app that allows me to avoid places where lots of people who really like Foursquare are.

Because that’s a use for Foursquare I could get enthusiastic about.

Where the Foursquare users at?

One thought on “Where the Foursquare users at?

  1. There’s an application called “please rob me” which uses four square and facebook status (“I’m on holiday in Sydney!”) to figure out when you’re away from home so you can burglarized with ease. So while you’re the Mayor of SPQR someone is around your gaff stealing your stuff.

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