Please visit these blogs

Two great new blogs to share.

The first is written by my friend, Angela. She’s currently coming closest to living the dream of anyone I know. With her husband and two young children she’s working at a camp for underprivileged children from San Francisco.  So whereas most of my posts share snide observations on how hard advertising is, Angela’s chronicle what it’s like go somewhere you’ve never been and give yourself over to helping people you’ve never met. Please read.

The second is written by a man I’ve never met, Matt.  He writes on the subject of clothes, with much greater conviction and eloquence than I’ll ever manage.  Here, from his blog Tweed in the City, is his guidance on pocket handkerchiefs (or pocket squares, as some would have it):

“ Your pocket square and jacket should look like they’re making hot, messy love to each other.  Your shirt and tie should look like they’re watching and enjoying it. “


Please visit these blogs

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