Harvey & Gilmot relaunches

So after years of sitting in briefs from clients for a ‘relaunch’ I think I finally understand why it happens.

I’ve always been slightly bemused by the idea of a relaunch, in that a launch has always felt to me like something you can only do once – like losing your virginity, or electing Kevin Rudd. Once something’s launched, it’s launched. It’s released, liberated, not able to be unlaunched. But apparently I was wrong.

Brands relaunch all the time, motivated most commonly, in my experience, by the desperate desire to believe that people miss them. Often it’s been a long time since they’ve done anything interesting, so they feel that whatever they do next has to be especially significant so as to plug the gap they hope was created by their absence.

And such is my motivation for relaunching this blog. I’ve written bugger all over the last couple of months. I won’t bore you with explanations as to why. I simply haven’t. But I’ve missed writing it, and rather desperately want to believe that you’ve missed reading it.

So I’m officially relaunching A Day in the life of Harvey & Gilmot.

And, student of Marketing that I am, I have focused on the two tactics that ensure a successful relaunch – I’ve changed the packaging and the perfume.

The change to the packaging should be obvious. Look around and revel in the wonder that is my new blog theme.

The change to the perfume is rather less obvious. But I’ve gone for a bit of nostalgia here. You’ll have to work with me on this, but after you’ve read this I’d like you to look at the picture below, and, if you’re of a certain age, I bet the scent will come back to you. I am now the blog your blog could smell like, if your blog were written by a late 80’s relic with a penchant for extravagantly-patterned trousers, side parts and the canon of Dave Gahan.



Harvey & Gilmot relaunches

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