I’m back

So I’m back. After three weeks in the wilderness (not literally, though for many of you I suspect St Heliers is as close to the wilderness as you can realistically imagine), I’ve returned to the blogosphere.

I was struck down by a malady I’ve seen written about by any number of bloggers, particularly those whose subject is their profession.

At some point you find yourself becoming overwhelmingly negative, because there are times, unfortunately, when that becomes your view of the industry. And so every time you sit down to write something you just end up sounding like a dreadful cynic, spouting the kind of venom usually unleashed only when the All Blacks are mentioned within earshot of Stephen Jones.

So the wise, I’m told, shut up and let the moment pass. Which I did, until this AdAge article appeared, and I realised that no matter how negative I may occasionally get about the industry, the industry will always be one step ahead of me, ready to amaze, bewilder and horrify, in ever more remarkable ways.

Because apparently agencies are now supposed to pay to be part of pitches.  Bernbach wept.

I’m back

One thought on “I’m back

  1. Ian Howarth says:

    Which reminds me of the old saying: “Whenever I think I’m getting too cynical, the world proves me wrong.”

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