Several ways in which my fancy has been tickled

Here are a few things I’ve been meaning to share over the last couple of weeks.

Hip-Hop and Golf

It surprises many people to learn that two of my great enthusiasms are golf and hip-hop. This visual (created by Mike Arauz and posted to BuzzFeed ) rather brilliantly ties the two together.

Romantic Comedies

It surprises no one to learn that I have a soft spot for Rom Coms. So it follows that I would have enjoyed 500 Days of Summer (in spite of the absolutely appalling last line of dialogue). And I did, in all its fluffy, Zooey, subverted love story goodness.

For no reason I can think of, here’s the trailer with the film reimagined as a thriller.  (Via Pirate Pickings)

Fate and Destiny

Which segues rather nicely into this story of a couple who, while planning their wedding, discovered that they’d crossed paths around 30 years earlier. Somehow it seemed inevitable that Disney would be involved. (Via someone on Twitter)

Soccer and Fashion

Soccer and Fashion have long been associated, but Sepp Magazine is the first I’ve seen focussed entirely on the fashion of soccer.  It wins points for a surprising  cover shot (below), player sketches by Karl Lagerfeld, and a series of uniforms imagined by the likes of Paul Smith and Giorgio Armani. (Via GQ)

Cool People and Slashing

This is so wonderfully pointless.  The clue’s in the name – hipsters have to pee. (via Get Kempt.)

Several ways in which my fancy has been tickled

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