The perfect modern agency metaphor?

I think I may have just stumbled onto the perfect modern agency metaphor.

Above is a two-headed bobtail lizard.  It’s a rare mutation.  Effectively it’s one (relatively) healthy body with two quite independent heads.

The two heads eat separately, but given their attachment, almost always from the same source. It struggles to move quickly, or with any great co-ordination, because both heads exert some control over the back legs.  The two heads often try and attack each other, either scrapping over the same piece of food, or out of frustration at their desire to fully control the body’s movement.  These attacks are quite brutal and very likely to kill the lizard.

So you’ve got one body with two heads that struggles to move quickly or precisely, squabbles over its share of the pie, has a tendency to attack itself over disagreements in direction and, as a result, is very likely to die of self-inflicted wounds.

Yep, that is the perfect modern agency metaphor.

The perfect modern agency metaphor?

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