MacKenzie wants to keep lunch special. Good on them.

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I’ve been seeing this campaign for the last week or so. It’s hard to miss. I’m a bus commuter and MacKenzie’s seem to have taken over about 75% of the city’s bus shelter posters.

I think it’s a great campaign.

The ‘Keep Lunch Special’ platform works for me. I like the idea that lunch deserves better than to be eaten half-heartedly, one hand on a keyboard, mind on the afternoon’s tasks. Lots of brands seem to want to create a lofty goal or cause from something pretty tenuous – Toyota wants us to Believe, while Telecom wants us to Shine – but saving the lunch break is both completely relevant to the brand and seems like a worthy cause (a lunch trolley, if you will, worth jumping on).

I really like the fact that the site doesn’t do much. It states its case – lunch is good, sandwiches are really good, our bread is fantastically good – and lets you get on with life. No email subscription so that you can be reminded when it’s time for lunch or sent sandwich recipes, no user-generated ‘check out my favourite sandwich’ videos and no ‘I may be a slice of bread but please follow me on Twitter’ request.

I also like the art direction of the posters. They work as outdoor should. Nicely set headline, enticing shot, brand front and centre.

I don’t know much about food styling but this looks perfect. It’s odd how seldom food advertising actually makes you hungry. But this does. The sandwich looks chunky and wholesome and perfectly crusty.

I also think it treads the ‘rural mythology’ line really well. It’s not overdone. The clue’s in the name, the typeface is spot on, but it doesn’t remind me too much of Mainland. The whole thing is just the right side of rustic. (If you’ll forgive me, and I’ll quite understand if you don’t, a rustic bread surely must be crustic?)

There’s nothing flashy here. I can’t see any short walks in the offing, no high-fiving over a celebratory lunch. But I bet it works a treat. And if you know who did it let me know and I’ll buy them a sandwich (high-fives optional). I reckon it’s great.

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MacKenzie wants to keep lunch special. Good on them.

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