Don’t worry Bob. Google’s got your back.

Love these two new Gmail features, developed to help avoid small, but significant, email cockups.

The first feature helps you avoid sending an email to someone whose name is similar to someone you actually wanted to email.  The second helps make sure that you don’t leave a person off a list of people you often email.

I’ve done both in the last couple of days. Sent a brief to a group of people in the agency….and a guy I once bought a suit from.  Then sent a meeting request to a group I meet with every few weeks…..but missed one person off the list.

The ‘Got the wrong Bob’ feature double-checks that you’ve entered the right address based on groups of people you’ve emailed previously.  So if your tailor suddenly shows up amongst a group of staff email addresses, you get a prompt to check you’ve got it right.

And the ‘Don’t forget Bob’ feature prompts you if there’s an address missing from a group of people you regularly email together.

Lovely. An unexpected solution to a problem I didn’t really know could be solved.

Don’t worry Bob. Google’s got your back.

One thought on “Don’t worry Bob. Google’s got your back.

  1. Kees says:

    I quite like the forgotten attachment detector. There have been a few times where I detail the attachments I mean to send and forget to include them in the email. If attachment is mentioned in the email, and you do not have one as part of the email. Google reminds you if there is an attachment to include with said email

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