Brilliant Estee Lauder promo

I’ve spent the week battling both a cold and a rampant sense of negativity.  I’m conscious that’s one of the risks of this blogging lark (the negativity more than the malady). It’s so easy to focus on the negative – unfortunately it seems to be more prevalent, and it’s certainly easier to write about.

Which is why I was so heartened by this.  Just a great, great idea.


Estee Lauder has started a promotion (unfortunately only in the US, ladies) that provides makeovers. Having had your makeover you have your photo taken by an on-site professional photographer.  The photo is specifically shot to be used as a profile photo for your Facebook page, blog, or whatever social media world you choose to inhabit.


I love that this sends such a great empathetic signal.  The profile photo is to this generation what the driver’s license mugshot was to the last.  It’s got big impact for such a small photo.

I love that they’ve taken something they do anyway (makeovers) and added significant value by giving them a more specific purpose (profile shots). 

I love that it deals with the frustration that must be inevitable at the end of most makeovers – you look great, but unless you travel with an entourage, you’ve got no one to share that moment with. 

And I love that the ‘branding’ is an Estee Lauder backdrop to the shot.  They will know that anyone with a passing interest in technology will be able to remove this backdrop easily enough. But my guess is that most people won’t.  Because it feels like a fair and reasonable exchange.  You get to present your best self to the world and the brand that creates that opportunity gets some exposure.  That seems pretty fair.

This just feels like the perfect promo – it demonstrates great empathy for the audience, it delivers huge value for participants and it turns a giveaway into something so much more meaningful.


Brilliant Estee Lauder promo

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