I was lucky enough to attend TEDx Auckland last week.

The most impressive element of the event was that it happened.  For that we have Richard Hollingum to thank.  He decided to do it and somehow just got it done. Plenty of people helped and many gave money. But they had to have something to help with and something to give money to, which is entirely down to Richard.

Many of the speakers were great.  I learnt that for most organisations the competition comes from within. I learnt that I need to understand the difference between Commitment and Attachment. I learnt that the human ear is a perfect microcosm of the human body.  And I learnt that because everyone’s been educated everyone thinks they know how to be a teacher.

From Richard Avery and Scott Gilmour I received a timely reminder that I’ve not really done much with my life. But I also learnt that it doesn’t take an extraordinary person to do something remarkable, just a great idea and a willingness to try.

Which is really what I most enjoyed about the event.  There was a great sense of possibility that came from spending time with speakers who have done great things and an audience that aspires to.  It was the community I enjoyed as much as the content.

So with thanks to Richard and all those who made it possible, I look forward to the next gathering, not just to be able to attend another TED event, but to have perhaps got a step closer to feeling I might do something that’s TED worthy.


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