Another puzzling product

I had some friends visiting from Australia at the weekend. They rented a bach on Waiheke and were kind enough to invite us to join them.  On Saturday afternoon we came across this.

HSV Jigsaw

Now I would have thought that this was a product with a limited potential audience.  There are people who really like Holden utes. And there are people who really like jigsaws. But I would have thought that a Venn diagram illustrating the overlap between these two interests would show it to be very small indeed.

So I can think of only two plausible explanations.

Perhaps this is an early childhood brand indoctrination tool.  Kids love jigsaws, so what better way to introduce your child to the majesty of an overpowered, lime-green utility vehicle than through the medium of puzzle?  It’s really just a juvenile version of stubbie-holder.

The other possibility is that it’s part of an extraordinarily complex (not to mention, ambitious) marketing plan on behalf of Holden.  The bach we were staying in could best be described as ‘executive accommodation’. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb in imagining that the most common tenants are not Holden drivers. Mercedes, yes, BMW, very probably, Audi, almost certainly, but not Holden. So I’m wondering whether Holden have entered into some arrangement with providers of executive holiday accommodation to plant these utility-themed jigsaws as a covert way of getting Holden in front of an audience it would otherwise struggle to access?

I really hope this is the case and that at some point a guy comes home to his bemused wife driving an orange ‘ignition metallic’ Maloo R8 ute, having gone out in the morning driving a silver Mercedes E-class.  When asked why, he’ll be completely unable to explain how it happened.  But somewhere they’ll be a very smug looking Holden Brand Manager who knows it was all down a cunningly-placed jigsaw.

Another puzzling product

2 thoughts on “Another puzzling product

  1. Ian Howarth says:

    I suspect the truth is a combination of both. After all, your hard core Holden Ute driver is unlikely to be buying jigsaw puzzles for kids – but the families of Mercedes drivers rent those baches, and sit there in the rain, wondering what to do… And then in 20 years, those bored kids drive off with a new Holden, for reasons they can’t articulate. If we were going to patent this approach, we’d call it “Creating Brand Moles”. Or “Ticking Brand Bombs”.

    The audacity of such long-term brand thinking is breathtaking.

  2. linda low says:

    Its called brand extension.

    The good folks at KMart made SHITLOADS on mens underwear & shirts, because over in Aus you’re either Holden or Ford and you want people to know. The good bosses at KMart went out to their teams & said “Holden brings in the bucks”. The teams said “I’d like a bit of that bogan money”. Holden liked the commission and signed up for everything that could be produced via a Licensing Agency. The licensing agency presented their great ideas to every buyer at KMart and they all got excited.

    Your bach owners got it free as an under $10 gift at Christmas – it was in the remainder bin.

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