Johnnie Walker

In a completely cynical way I wanted to not like this.  An ad for a big Scottish brand, telling the story of a famous Scottish character, set in a rugged Scottish landscape and narrated by a famous Scottish accent (Robert Carlyle, whose accent is so thick at the outset that he sounds like he’s crossed the line from character actor to caricature actor). The only way it could have seemed more Scottish would be a cameo appearance from Sean Connery eating a battered sausage.

But it’s fantastic.  It’s the invisible craft I love.  It must have been massively difficult to execute, but looks beautifully simple. The timing is perfect, the art direction unobtrusive, the camera work extraordinary, the story’s well-told and the performance great.

The whole thing speaks so nicely to the blender’s craft.  Everything important happens away from view, with no visible flourish or fanfare. Wonderful.

Johnnie Walker

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