The importance of context

I’m always conscious that this point of view betrays my old-manishness, but I really struggle with how people in our industry choose to dress. We’re a branding industry. We preach the immutable law of first impressions.  As media people we know that ‘environment’ matters – that a message’s immediate surroundings provide its context – such that a message for a rejuvenating hair treatment in the middle of a website championing the curious, but well-documented, pleasure to be derived from a Prince Albert just doesn’t make sense.

But yet in a time in which the world, and specifically the clients that inhabit it, are gravitating towards security, thoroughness and robustness from their partners, so many in our industry continue to dress like 15 year olds gearing up for a trip to the mall or dads about to mow the lawns.

I admit to being a fogey, but doesn’t it undermine just a little our claims to being a serious, rigorous industry?

The importance of context

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